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We support the development of our clients commercial network and build an appropriate plan to increase their business in  strategic directions, finding new sources for revenue growth including all aspects of their ecosystem environement. This service of business connection can target various industries based in both European regions and globally..

Business developement


We deliver market analysis reports based on a qualitative and quantitative approach for better decision making.Understand market potential. Spot trends. Benchmark your brand against the market and competitors. Uncover competitors’ traffic generation strategies to boost your own marketing power. Detect audience gaps to identify untapped market opportunities and get a larger market share using our 7 Dimensions plan of Marketing Analysis



We highly manage your PR and communication projects and take in charge all aspects of press review analysis , organization of press conferences, networking program during trade shows or professional events. We are here to build our clients'​business, by making their brands matter, developing strategies, communications and customer experiences linked to their sales objectives. Our ambition is to be the indispensable communication partner to our clients, building their growth strategy, and delivering great results through consumer insight, brand knowledge and creative ideas, boosted by data and technology.


We provide conferences services including logistics, program development, venue and vendors selection, speaker coordination, AVI production, invitation, reservation, and registrations. For trade shows, we are the link between your company and the fair organization, your exhibit house and vendors. We will provide on site service as requested and ensure your booth is ready upon your arrival and within your guidelines.


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We assist organizations from inception and conceptual design, to completion and post-event analysis. We personally monitor every step of the project and will be onsite to ensure success if required. We will provide personalized and professional service while combining originality and customization. Our services are meant to be consistent with your marketing strategy and your unique culture and values. Our goal is complete trust and we strive to be your partner and an extension of your own team. Each event is unique, whether it is an incentive retreat for internal customers or a product launch, and at the heart of our business, is the goal of creating a positive and lasting impact for your target audience.


We provide a real support for any kind of project management. Our tools and reporting system will allow to monitor the projects follow up. In terms of outsourcing we can act as a direct collaborator as well as representative with your customers or vendors.


Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the fields of marketing, sales and communication, we deliver several management training modules, helping C level team members to improve their skills in the area of communication and presentation capabilities.

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