Organization interview BFM TV Business

📺 On Friday, June 2nd, Sandra Gandoin welcomed Richard CARON (Founder and President of Meogroup) as a guest on her BFMTV show “90 Minutes Business,” which this time focused partly on #recruitment.

Richard C. had the opportunity to discuss the #needs for strengthening the teams across all our offices, in order to support our #growth and #development.

MEOGROUP highlights: ➡️ 6 offices in France, as well as international locations in Belgium, Spain, Italy, and Canada. ➡️ Currently more than 100 positions available: #Consultants, #Managers, #BusinessManagers!

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✅ For a focus on the intervention: 16’31” to 22’38” and then from 28’40” to 29’24”


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